Measurements #3

Weigh-In #3, 4 weeks

Weight: 177.8 pounds
Bust: ~43 inches
Waist: 36 inches
Hips: 45 inches
Thighs:  26.5 inches
Calf: 17.4-17.75 inches.
Arm:  13 R, 13.5 L – 15 R, 15.5 L

Since I started this endeavor at the start of September, I’ve lost (just) over five pounds!  Hurrah, and may the coming months prove equally successful.

I realized this time around that the bust and waist variations have a lot to do with how I stand and how I breathe.  If I measure my bustline on the inhale, it comes out as 44 inches; at the exhale, 42.5.  If I inhale/pooch out my abdomen as much as possible, my waistline’s 40 inches; if I stand straight and tall, it’s 36; if I’m kind of relaxed, it’s 37.

It also occurred to me that my arms might not necessarily be the same, as I am left-handed and tend to use my left arm more often to lift/carry/throw things.  Sure enough, the left arm has a half-inch on the right, whether I measure in front of the deltoid or on top of it.

Also seems that I’ve gained more calf muscle than I’ve burned calf fat.

Recalculating caloric needs (which I should be more attentive to than I have been, I reckon):
– Maintenance level: 1937-2220 calories/day
– Caloric deficit level: 1549 -1775.9 calories/day
142 to 213 g protein
– 310-465 or 355-533 fat calories, or 34-52/39-59 g fat
– 450-900 carb calories, or 113-225 g carbs.

During the last fortnight, I kept within my calorie, fat, and carb bounds, but still got about half the recommended protein.  I’m not sure what to do about that; I read this article and then followed up with reading this other article, which suggest that proteins consumed without fat are somehow really dangerous.  Haven’t heard such a thing anywhere else, but it keeps me from being too eager to buy a canister of whey protein to mix into smoothies.  Over the past two weeks, the three days in which I got the most protein included the following: yogurt, steak, sweet potatoes, protein shake; yogurt, cereal, milk, wheat bread, chicken, cheddar, protein shake, eggs, and sausage; and yogurt, milk, cereal, wheat bread, chicken, cheddar, mozzarella, egg, fusilli, and parmesan.  Surprisingly, whole wheat products seem to have more protein than an egg.


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